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Bamboo Lampshade with Tassels | Natural Lampshade | Pendant Lamp GILI

von Soeji
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€64,00 - €139,00
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• 40 or 50 cm diameter
• made of sturdy, sustainable bamboo
• casts the light in soothing, warm patterns
• plastic-free packaging
• 100% handmade and fair trade
• free shipping and 10% off for all orders in our Orderchamp shop above €350

Our Gili lampshade is made from from finely cut bamboo strips which are woven into an elegant funnel shape. Due to the coarse, intentionally chaotic weave, the ceiling lamp radiates a relaxed airiness that fills the entire room.

The naturalness and simplicity of the lampshade harmonises particularly well with boho-style living environments equipped with other living accessories made of natural materials. That way, you can turn your home into your very own, naturally designed oasis of relaxation.

The bamboo is woven into a metal frame so that the lampshade keeps its shape in the long term. A ring for attaching the bulb socket is part of it as well.

Gili ships without any additional accessories, but you can find suitable llightbulbs and cables in any hardware store.


Measurements & weight:

(diameter x height)

S: 40x38cm; 0.34kg
M: 50x45; 0.48kg

Our products are artfully crafted individual pieces. They may vary slightly in size, color and shape due to the production by hand and natural variations in materials.


Main material: Bamboo

Our lampshades are made from plant fibers. They therefore wonderfully smell and feel like nature.

Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing raw material that can be used for many purposes. The bamboo for our baskets is harvested in the immediate vicinity of the processing plant, so that there are no unnecessarily long transport routes.


Production site

This lamp is handmade in Bali, Indonesia.
When selecting our local producers, we value fair pay and good working conditions. In the companies from which we purchase our goods, only experienced and adult artisans work. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Since all work steps are done by hand, hardly any greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the production process. We ensure all of this through regular on-site visits and permanent personal contact with the companies.
Colors: Beige
Materials: Bamboo
Brandname: Soeji
Made In: ID

Size: S:
Height: 38cm
Diameter: 40cm
Weight: 340g
SKU: 60501

Size: M:
Height: 45cm
Diameter: 50cm
Weight: 480g
SKU: 60502

Size: Set (S+M):
SKU: 60501+60502

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